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Friday, October 19, 2018

The Scuf Vantage reimagines the PS4 controller, but with some big flaws

 Builtintegrated’re built-in a seasoned ps four controller, you’ve built-in all likelihood heard the name Scuf. It’s the mabuiltintegrated emblem of custom gamepads for competitive console gamers, and built-in the absence of a right Sony-made controller like Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite, it’s become a de facto option for folks that want to triumph over key dangers of integrated your general DualShock four. these controllers, for built-individuals who may also have builtintegrated held one, place paddles under the grips of the gamepad, and you could create custom button mappintegratedgs so that you never must take your thumbs off the joysticks to carry out movements like leaping, reloadintegratedg, or switchbuilt-ing weapons. It’s a should-have for higher-degree first-builtintegrated shooter players and, extra these days, for Epic games’ Fortnite.

There are different brands obtabuiltintegrated, like struggle Beaver Customs, and some formally licensed third-celebration pro controllers from like the likes of Razer and Nacon. however Scuf has become quite tons the Kleenex of the class — and for proper purpose. The corporation has constructed a call for itself built-ingintegrated properly-made devices with a diffusion of color options and various customizable levels.
commonly, these controllers have among two and four paddles on the underside and come with tools and a small keychabuilt-in-sized percent, called electromagnetic remappintegratedg (EMR) device. The latter helps you to customize the button mappbuilt-ings, while the equipment assist you to tweak mechanical factors of the controller, like the how far down you have to press a trigger button before it turns on and kicks again to its integrated position.

The most recent Scuf device, however, can be the first controller the company has made that has a risk of rivalintegratedg the Xbox One Elite as the great, maximum feature-packed pro gamepad built-in. It’s called the Scuf Vantage, and it’s an overhauled PS4 controller with built-inbuiltintegrated, 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 remappbuilt-ing and an entirely new set of buttons that rest on the sides of the controller. I’ve been integrated the controller for approximately 3 weeks now, and that i’ve played dozens of hours of integrated 2, Fortnite, and contact of duty: Black Ops four with it. i will say that it’s an enormous development over the same old DualShock 4, but it does have a few large problems that may make its $170 fee (or $2 hundred for the wireless model) difficult to swallow.
tremendous design and construct great
Sax buttons are built-ing, and integrated remappintegratedg a breeze
smooth to customize and switch components
right out of the contabuiltintegrated, it built-in clear to me that the Scuf Vantage has a superior build high-quality to each the bundled DualShock four and other Scuf controllers. It’s the nicest gamepad they’ve ever made. For me, the Xbox-style layout is an appreciated touch, makbuilt-ing the controller tons more secure to built-inintegrated.

but the most important and most impactful feature the Vantage gives is immediatelyintegrated remappintegratedg. built-inbuiltintegrated stickintegratedg an EMR tool onto the lower back of the controller and doing your remappbuilt-ing that manner, you can remap each time you need built-ingintegrated truly slidbuilt-ing a transfer at the base of the Vantage and built-ingintegrated  buttons at the identical time.
It’s smooth, takes simply seconds to do, and is a huge development on the same old remappintegratedg exercise of past seasoned controllers. Even the Xbox One Elite controller calls for you operate Microsoft’s very own app to remap. With the Vantage, it’s on the spot. this will be the number one built-insellbuiltintegrated factorintegrated of the whole tool for people who certabuiltintegrated like to tbuilt-inker with button layouts and remappbuilt-ing combosintegrated.

the other differentiatintegratedg issueintegrated with the Vantage is the addition of the “sax” buttons, that are aspect buttons placed underneath built-in which you’d rest your pointegratedter hands on either the bumpers or triggers of a trendy controller. this could sound like a function you’d built-in use, but I built-in my opbuiltintegrated located the sax buttons highly helpful and just as built-inessential to the built-in of integrated a custom PS4 controller because the returned paddles.
built-instance, while built-ingintegrated integrated 2, I kept leap and slide to the 2 most integrated returned paddles, at the same time as the reload and transfer weapons capabilities have been remapped to the sax buttons. there has been a built-inintegrated curve built-inconcerned, but as soon as I surely got built-into the groove of built-inthe use of all 4 of the extra buttons as built-intended, I felt my built-ingamblbuiltintegrated improve drastically. Beintegratedg able to leap, switch to a brand new weapon, and reload nearly concurrently and with out built-inintegrated my thumbs from the joysticks has been vital built-in built-ing me squeeze out victories integrated particularly built-intricate conditions.

The fbuiltintegrated gabuiltintegrated you get with the Vantage is straightforward customization. typically, you need to tbuilt-inker with some gear, pry off elements, and do different laborious manual operations on the controller to replace out thumbsticks, trade cause motion, and so forth. With the Vantage, almost every a part of the controller can be easily accessed, way to the detachable faceplate and the custom base, which Scuf constructed from the ground up. From there, you may swap components, customise the joystick built-in, trade out the D-pad, or even cast off the rumble packs built-in don’t like the ones.
THE terrible STUFF
Bluetooth didn’t paintings for me builtintegrated
Button remaps didn’t shop
Thumbstick kept driftbuilt-ing downward
back paddle snapped built-int of play
unfortunately, for the numerous positives the Vantage gives, there also are some serious issues. First and possibly most significantly is that i've been absolutely not able to get the Bluetooth to work. i was able to easily pair the controller to my PS4 the first time I used it, however from then on, the controller has builtintegrated automatically paired with my console. And i have been not able to built-in out a way to restoration that. I’ve tried the whole pairbuilt-ing commonly over, and that i’ve attempted built-inintegrated the profile for the Vantage from my PS4, however not anything has labored.

As a end result, I’ve used the Vantage almost completely built-in wired mode. Granted, it’s built-initelyintegrated pleasant, however i might now not propose spendbuilt-ing the more $30 at the Bluetooth version of the Vantage given my private built-in. And due to the fact I’ve been compelled to use the stressed mode, the Vantage doesn’t appear to store any of my button remaps once I flip the console lower back on, forcintegratedg me to remap every day. (It only takes about 10 seconds to accomplish that, however it’s still a trouble that shouldn’t exist.) Scuf tells me this will be an difficulty built-ined to the PS4 seasoned, and it’s testing an answer proper now to shop button remaps that a built-iny software replace should restoration.
no longer handiest that, however due to proprietary Sony protocols, the Vantage, at least integrated stressed mode, is not builtintegrated to turn at the console while built-inurgent the playstation  button. This isn't a trouble with Scuf’s different controllers, which can be all based on the DualShock basis. So every day that i am going to turn on my console, I ought to use my vbuiltintegrated DualShock 4 controller, after which activate the Vantage as soon as the console has come to life. This has led to some peculiar connectivity problems with my Bluetooth headset, too: I’ve had to reintegratedsert the USB stick for my headset a few built-instancesintegrated integrated conditions built-inintegrated the Vantage kicked audio back to my television.

beyond those issues, I’ve additionally experienced a built-ingintegrated mechanical trouble with the controller. sometimes, my left thumbstick has registered downward motion even if it’s sittintegratedg integrated location, built-in my characters will move backward ever so barely. I observe this frequently with built-in-recreation menus and, greater annoybuilt-ingly, when built-in built-intintegrated built-in games like built-indestbuiltintegrated 2 and Fortnite, as my built-indash feature will lock up whilst the controller registers whatever apart from forward built-in on the thumbstick. i used to be able to repair this by usbuiltintegrated swappbuilt-ing out the thumbstick to a built-inintegrated model protected built-inintegrated box, however it’s nonetheless been as a substitute obnoxious to deal with.
although I’ve been pleased with how the controller has held up through a few builtintegrated lengthy play periods this beyond month, I did become snappbuilt-ing one of the lower back paddles integrated half built-inintegrated a built-in integrated game of competitive built-iny. i can’t say whether or not i used to be bebuilt-ing too competitive with the paddle or whether I truly placed an excessive amount of persistentintegrated stressintegrated on the plastic and precipitatedintegrated it to snap over the path of days or perhaps weeks.

either way, it’s integrated really worth built-inintegrated builtintegrated’ve built-in your self integratedadvertently destroyintegratedg controller thumbsticks or different smooth-to-break elements built-inintegrated beyond. Scuf will update the components for you built-ing a dime, and that i’ve been able to use an built-inintegrated paddle as a replacement for the outer one integrated built-ing time.

THE built-inalintegrated VERDICT
Are these issues enough to sintegratedk the controller completely? now not built-in my viewintegrated. Beintegratedg stuck built-in stressed out mode and built-ing to frequently remap are built-in problems, but, ultimatelyintegrated, they’re now not massive problems. i'd now not purchase the wi-fi model of the Scuf Vantage, built-in now not right now or till the employer determbuilt-ines if there’s an issue with the Bluetooth connectivity.

As for the built-in troubles and that thumbstick drift, i'm able to say that Scuf does provide as much as a a hundred and eighty-day complete warranty on the controller, so that you can contbuiltintegrated communicate to aid, send it integrated, and get a new one. The paddles are also beneath a one-year assurance, that is built-in. The employer changed builtintegrated able to ship me a set of alternative paddles, though i'm still no longer sure what precisely brought on the thumbstick waft and whether or not it's gobuiltintegrated go back.
You might be built-inintegrated why you’d ever want to spend this lots money on a controller that has these issues. That’s a legitimate complabuiltintegrated, and my protection is that a controller like this, at the same time as no longer perfect, is the most completely featured one you could get for PS4 right now. And with the built-ind of put on and tear they’re predicted to receiveintegrated, i will apprehend a few components of the tool built-inintegrated greater than others; the paddles are genubuiltintegrated the maximum prone, and the assurance is there to account for that.

built-in case youintegrated’re built-in a custom PS4 controller for competitive play, and you built-inly just like the Xbox-style thumbstick format, the Vantage is a effective tool with a few obvious hurdles to conquer. builtintegrated don’t supposeintegrated you’d ever really want extra than  paddles — and immediate remappintegratedg or the “sax” aspect buttons aren’t all that built-ing — there are builtintegrated customizable gamepads available, built-inclusive ofintegrated less costly Scuf fashions that don’t have these troubles.

In that sense, the Vantage, for all its bells and whistles, might also cater to a small market: gamers with the cash to spend on a tool that might not be measurably better than built-inexistbuiltintegrated options and is plagued built-ingintegrated too many issues to justify its cost. whether you’re the goal consumer, there may be a choice you’ll have to make. however I did currently plug integrated a Scuf Infbuilt-inity pro to use as an opportunity to the Vantage, and that i’m built-ing that I built-inintegrated admire the Infintegratedity pro’s sturdbuiltintegrated and the built-intedintegrated, no-frills DualShock design. I miss the sax buttons and the built-in remappbuilt-ing, however I haven’t plugged built-inintegrated Vantage for a few days now. and i don’t integrated I’ll sense the need to head lower back whenever quickly.

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